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Alyssa’s Sex Strike. Desperation in the Face of Depreciation. — 12th May 2019

Alyssa’s Sex Strike. Desperation in the Face of Depreciation.

I’ll take a shot at this one.

During the Nineties CEOs were often given Stock Options as a part of their remittance package.  An unforseen consequence of this was a series of market plays by these CEOs to keep share values artificially high and cash out just before the whole shaky edifices crashed down into their sandy foundations.

A threat of a sex strike has meaning to men when you look like this


It is laughably transparent and desperate when you look like this


Milano is in the worst possible position to try and play these sexual market dice.  Her desperate attempt to artificially inflate her remaining sexual value just draws attention to her fast approaching biological obsolescence.  She does not have the option of cashing out just before it all crashes down.  Poor old Alyssa.


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